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iPhone users complain: Latest iOS update makes devices unusable


Apple's recent iOS update has rendered some iPhones "unusable", forcing users to seek help from specialists at the tech giant's stores. Many of these frustrated users have sought help on social media platforms, claiming that their apps have crashed and their phones have crashed. Smart freezes.

According to the British Daily Mail, an iPhone owner said that her smartphone had been updated, but the screen did not respond when she tried to open it with a quick swipe.

She added that once I brought it to the Apple Store and asked them to restart the device, it started working properly, but there is a way to fix broken iPhones at home using a laptop.

One commenter noted that their phone's audio was randomly stopping, his AirPods weren't switching between devices, and even the keyboard was having an issue.

Apple's latest operating system for iPhones, called iOS 17.4.1, was released "over the air" (OTA) starting March 21, 2024, but to upgrade to the latest software, your iPhone must have a certain amount of battery and be connected to a WiFi network. .

To fix the problem, Apple Store employees connect iPhones to a laptop and completely reinstall iOS.

This fix will work even if you've already downloaded iOS 17.4.1, according to social media reports from users who have done so.