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Interest in purchasing the Apple Vision Pro has declined at some retail stores


Users have backed away from purchasing the Apple Vision Pro , Apple's $3,500 spatial computing device, since its US debut in February 2024. Excitement over the Apple Vision Pro has cooled significantly, according to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, in a recent write-up. About Power On, Gorman reported a noticeable decline in demand for retail demos and sales, based on the Apple Stores he spoke to, according to macrumors.

Apple has had to step up marketing on its homepage, and there's a huge promotion for the Vision Pro at the top of the website, the most aggressive offer since the device went on sale in early February.

Gorman presents his personal experience with Apple's headphones as a microcosm of what he suspects is a broader user trend. His use has dropped from daily interactions to just once or twice a week, and he says one big barrier to frequent use is setup that involves plugging in batteries, turning on , and navigate through a complex interface, making traditional devices such as laptops and smartphones more attractive for mundane tasks.

Gorman also blames the Vision Pro's lack of compelling content for further diminishing the headset's appeal, and notes that it seems more suited to solo activities, say, on a long flight or while working from home, rather than being used in social situations or around colleagues. the job.

It seems that Apple still has a big task ahead of it in developing the Vision Pro into a device that redefines the daily use of technology, and in the meantime, many of the bugs that initially plagued VisionOS have been resolved , although many of Apple's own apps are still not optimized. For the device's operating system.

In the latest visionOS update, Apple added spatial characters, which make you feel like you're in the same virtual room with another Vision Pro user. Spatial characters can be used to watch movies and TV shows together, FaceTime and other video calls, using apps like Freeform, and play games. However, This is a feature that other Vision Pro owners need to appreciate, and as Gurman points out, they are still few and far between.

Apple is expected to produce fewer than 400,000 Vision Pro headphones in 2024 due to manufacturing complexity, according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. However, Apple is said to already be working on a new version of the Apple Vision Pro for 2025 that will be more affordable. Meanwhile, the first incarnation of the headphones is expected to arrive in additional countries later this year.