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Everything you need to know about integrating Google Keep reminders with tasks


However, it can be annoying to have all of your information scattered across different apps, which is something Google is working to address, according to Android Headlines.

It appears that Google is working on making Tasks able to create reminders for users in Google Keep for them to access, and Google Tasks and Google Keep reminders could also be available in one place.

Currently, Tasks saves and syncs your reminders from other company services and lets you set reminders. Google Keep is a note-taking app, but it also allows you to set reminders. However, reminders created in Google Keep are not synced with Tasks.

It seems that Google is working on integrating Keep reminders with Tasks, which means that reminders created in Keep will be synced with Tasks, and you will be able to access all your reminders in one place, and you will also be able to open the note with a reminder directly from Tasks.

But it is not clear when it will be officially released. You may have to wait for a few months as the feature seems to be in the early development stage.