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Intel is taking steps to make AI-powered computers widely available


Intel is taking big steps toward making AI-enabled personal computers more widely available, with the tech giant announcing two initiatives under its AI PC Acceleration program. These moves aim to enhance the development and integration of AI technologies by both software and hardware vendors. By the end of 2025, Intel aims to enhance AI capabilities in more than 100 million computers powered by Intel Core Ultra processors.

Expanding AI features and partnerships
Intel's ambitious goal includes delivering more than 300 accelerated AI features in 2024. These features will include more than 230 designs from 12 leading original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

Currently, Intel is collaborating with more than 150 hardware vendors around the world. This initiative is not only about quantity, but also about quality and accessibility, making advanced AI features mainstream.

Matt King, senior director of the client ecosystem at Intel, noted that 150 hardware vendors have been integrated into the program, with the aim of providing comprehensive solutions for developers, and Carla Rodriguez, vice president and general manager of client ecosystem enablement at Intel, confirmed that the program is growing to include developers. Small and medium sizes.

Resources for developers
Intel has revamped its developer resource pages to serve as a one-stop-shop, where developers can find customer-focused AI PCs, toolkits, documentation, and training materials.

These resources are also designed to help developers efficiently leverage Intel Core Ultra processor technologies. This, in turn, will accelerate the development of innovative AI and machine learning applications.

Developers interested in joining the AI PC Acceleration Program can register on the Intel AI PC development portal. Membership is free and gives developers access to a wide range of AI and machine learning tools, including the Intel OpenVINO toolkit.

Intel also offers courses and certifications, along with technical support, to help hardware vendors improve and test their technologies.