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Steps... How to make Siri read messages to you in another language


In iOS 17.4 , coming in March 2024, there's a new feature that enables Siri to read incoming messages to you in the language(s) of your choice. Previously in iOS 17 , Siri's interaction with messages was limited to one option – the ability for Siri to send you messages that It's dictated automatically without asking you to confirm it first, according to  macrumors .

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Thanks to the new setting, you can choose from any of the following languages:

Arabic - Chinese - Danish - Dutch - Finnish

French - German - Hebrew - Italian

Japanese - Korean - Portuguese - Russian

Spanish - Thai - Turkish

Note that you're not limited to just one language — you can choose multiple languages ​​if you prefer. Here's how to enable the setting on iPhones running iOS 17.4 or later.

1- Open the Settings application.

2- Click on Siri and Search

3- Click on Messaging with Siri.

4- Under “Read Messages,” tap Add Language, then select a language to add and wait for it to download.

Most languages ​​only take a minute or so to download, depending on your internet connection. Once a language is installed, tap on it in the list and you can choose from any optional varieties and voices where available. Note that you can add more than one language to the list, simply by clicking By clicking “Add Language” again.

Remove language

It's easy to remove a language from the ‌Siri‌ list , just swipe left across the language, then tap the red delete button that appears.