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Adding new features from Microsoft to the Paint application to make drawing easier

The Paint app has now been updated to version 11.2402.20.0, adding a new brush size slider on the left and a new panel in the Layers panel for background customizations, including changing colors
Both features aim to create easier artwork, as there's always a new brush size slider to the left of the canvas to help you control the thickness of the lines, and since it's always visible on screen, you can instantly resize it to create thinner or wider strokes.
After drawing the lines, you can quickly change their background from the Layers panel, thanks to the new box, and you can also hide the background with a click of the mouse if you change your mind later
The latest update to Paint is rolling out to Windows Insiders in the Dev and Canary channels. If you're running Windows 11 23H2 or earlier, this update is available to you now. Microsoft is rolling out these features to stable Windows 11 users once testing with Insiders is successful