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A new update to the Skype application allows you to remember the position of your favorite video


Users can now see a glimpse of the first page of shared PDF files directly within chat flows, facilitating faster recognition and smoother workflow. It's safe to say that PDF files are no longer just an icon, but a clear and recognizable part of your conversation.
The update also enables direct insertion of GIFs and stickers from the keyboard, seamless copy and paste of images/videos, and drag-and-drop media sharing, enhancing the Android messaging experience.
Furthermore, users have greater control over their video display during calls, and features include:
- Flexible positionin
- Pinch to zoom function
- Remember automatic preference
- Quick camera switching (front/back)
The update addresses several cross-platform stability issues and bug fixes, including desktop voice message accessibility, Android GIF display issues, background reliability on Android, and chat interaction freezing on iOS.