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Nvidia reveals how to support its AI game with data


Nvidia's announcement was met with skepticism earlier this week when the company gave a vague answer about data usage, while Nvidia said there was "no simple answer" and that it was difficult to determine given the number of different tools Ace uses. 
The comments sparked speculation on social media, with many speculating that the data included written material, and Nvidia now confirms that this is not the case.
“NVIDIA ACE microservices, Audio-2-Face and Riva Automatic Speech Recognition, are commercially secure, trained on licensed data from trusted partners as well as commercially licensable open source datasets,” Nvidia tells Digital Trends in an email clarifying its original statement. .
“Like most businesses in the voice acting and motion capture space, NVIDIA pays in full upfront for the ongoing use of audio and mocap data,” the company added.
Digital Trends went on to confirm in clear terms that Ace was only trained on data that Nvidia owns or has rights to, with material written outside of that pool not being scrapped, and the company confirmed this.