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LG announces TVs that use artificial intelligence


The Korean company LG has officially unveiled its high-end TVs for the year 2024, from the KEYOND and KEYOND Mini LED series. The new devices combine Quantum Dot and NanoCell technologies, in addition to Mini LED backlighting. Together, they produce high-accuracy colors with deep blacks, display high-quality images and reproduce scenes in a highly realistic way, according to the company in its press release.

LG's new devices come in different sizes, ranging from 43 to 98 inches. In order to achieve a high degree of contrast, KEYOND Mini LED TVs use Ultra-Precision Dimming technology to improve the display of color gradations and precise backlight control, and KONAND versions also rely on similar technology to adjust contrast with an exceptional brightness ratio.

LG's new TVs are powered by the Alpha 8 AI processor, which offers many improvements in terms of artificial intelligence mechanisms, processing speed, and graphics performance.

LG offers many features based on  , including the AI ​​Picture Pro feature, which uses deep learning algorithms to recognize faces, objects and backgrounds within the scene to improve its display, and the AI ​​Sound Pro feature, which produces virtual surround sound from the speakers built into the TVs.

The Kionde and Kionde Mini TVs operate on the new version of the WebOS operating system, which includes many improvements to the user interface in addition to support for the AirPlay and Chromecast features. LG has promised to provide updates to the system in new TVs for up to the next 5 years for the first time.