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Learn about the Vision Pro mixed reality glasses accessories and their prices?


Now that Apple Vision Pro pre-orders are open, there's a lot we know about the cost of accessories, configurations, and other details, and as you might expect, fully kitting out the Vision Pro will make a big dent in your wallet.

For starters, the base model of the Vision Pro with 256GB of storage starts at $3,499, to get 512GB that raises the cost to $3,699, and 1TB will cost $3,899. Apple has announced details of the pricing of the Vision Pro mixed reality glasses accessories, which include:
- Travel case, $199.
- Apple Care Plus warranty service costs about 499 US dollars.
- Additional battery costs $199.
Zeiss Optical Inserts start at $99 and vary depending on the type of prescription.
-Additional light cover pad for $29.
-Belkin Battery Holder, $49.95.
-Additional single tape costs $99.
-Additional double loop tape costs $99.
-An additional charging cable costs $29.
- Additional 30W power adapter costs $39.
The total cost depends on the number of accessories to be purchased, but if the user plans to use the Vision Pro with someone else, they may need to purchase additional light covers, cushions, head straps and Zeiss Optical Inserts, as each person needs their own size.