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Foamstars is coming to PS Plus next month as a free gift


Square Enix announced today that its Foam-Party Shooter game Foamstars will launch on February 6 as one of  this month's free PlayStation  Plus Essential games, according to a Digital Trend report. 


Foamstars will be available to download for PS Plus subscribers of any level between February 6 and March 4, after which you will have to purchase it for $30.


Foamstars was revealed for the first time at the PlayStation Showcase in May 2023. It is a competitive 4v4 shooting game. Instead of bullets, players shoot foam at each other and on the ground. The foam remains on the ground after it is sprayed, so over the course of the match, Build arenas with piles of foam that players can use to make offensive or defensive gains. 


Players will move much slower while in the opposing team's foam, so there's a Splatoon-like desire to fill the map with as much of your team's colors as possible during a match.


At release, there will be eight playable stars and three separate competitive modes. Smash the Star sees a team member crowned the star after seven kills, and if a team can defeat their opponent's star player, they will win the match.


In Happy Bath Survival, players must completely eliminate the opposing team of players in two or three rounds to win. 


Finally, there's the newly revealed Rubber Duck Party, which tasks players with dancing on top of a giant rubber duck so it can slowly move towards the opposing team's goal. 


Each of these modes contains three unique maps of its own, all located in the city of Bath Vegas, and for those who want a solo or cooperative experience, there will be PvE missions consisting of random waves of enemies. 


Square Enix believes that players should use these items to adapt to new characters while gaining some experience.


After launch,  Square Enix  promises to support the game with free seasonal updates for at least a year, and these updates will contain new characters, maps, game modes, and seasonal passes, along with many cosmetic items. 


Season passes will also contain free and premium levels, with the premium tier costing $6 per season, and players advance through the season pass with experience gained by playing and completing in-game challenges, which are divided into categories at any time, limited time, and weekly.


Square Enix says that all new characters, modes, and maps added to Foamstars will be available to all players for free, but it gives paying players an advantage by allowing them to unlock new characters faster.