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Stop it to increase the speed of your WIFI. A hidden application that slows down your phone’s Internet connection


According to the report, VPNs, or virtual private networks, create a digital connection between your device and a remote server using a VPN for work, and this means that you can access work files and systems.
For those who use a personal VPN for more privacy, web traffic will have to be routed from one place to another, and doing either of these things obviously requires more work pinging the data connection back and forth, which will slow things down.
So, the problem is not with your broadband or Wi-Fi.
As Sky explains: “When a device is busy, such as if a lot of people are using it, it can take longer for data to pass through the servers.
Some companies may limit the amount of data each person uses, to make sure there's enough for everyone without slowing down too much, so things that use a lot of data like watching videos or video calls can be difficult during busy times.
While you need to connect it during work time, turn it off when you're not, and you'll feel like an instant boost.
You can also turn it off temporarily during Zoom calls if you're having trouble with that as well.
If it's a company laptop or phone, make sure you're not breaking any rules before turning it off to avoid getting into trouble.

Improve Wi-Fi

There are a number of other ways you can improve your home Wi-Fi.

For example, some objects can interfere with the signal, such as a microwave being turned on.
Other unexpected items that can cause chaos include mirrors and fish tanks.
The location of the Wi-Fi device determines a big difference in supporting the network, and the ideal location for the device should be central, high, and not on the ground.