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Microsoft makes Copilot AI chat software available to all users around the world

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 Copilot , has become generally available to all users. The company had launched Copilot (formerly known as Bing Chat and Bing Chat Enterprise) for preview last February, while the company believes that Copilot is more efficient and will be able to provide better answers. .

The company said: “We are excited to maintain this momentum by announcing that Copilot is now generally available and is no longer in preview. With general availability, Microsoft Copilot continues to be your daily AI companion, providing AI-powered web chat.” .

Copilot with Commercial Data Protection is now also generally available for the most eligible Microsoft365 licenses, said Jordi Ribas, Microsoft corporate vice president and head of engineering and product at Bing.

What it means for users

Both ordinary users and enterprise workers will now be able to use Copilot with all its features powered by GPT-4 and up-to-date information from the mentioned sources.

Business users will get commercial data protection at no additional cost, which means claims and responses are not saved, Microsoft will have no interest in access, and the company will not use the data to train its underlying large language model (LLM).

Copilot helps users draft an email message, summarize PDF files and articles, create images with DALL-E 3, and get answers to complex questions.

Availability on multiple browsers

Last month, Microsoft announced that Copilot will also be available on more platforms, and those interested will be able to use Copilot on their favorite browsers.

The company also announced that Bing will be available to users who want a combined search and chat experience. Copilot will work on Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, and Safari browsers and will soon be available on mobile devices.