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Channel alerts...a new feature from WhatsApp soon for smartphone users

The company is currently working on creating a searchable guide to help users find channels that match their interests. This guide allows users to explore channels related to their hobbies, sports teams, updates from local authorities, and various other topics.
Now an online report indicates that WhatsApp is publishing alerts for WhatsApp channels, and according to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp has released the “Channel Alerts” feature. For Android beta testers which can be accessed in update version of the app.

What is the Channel Alerts feature in WhatsApp

According to the report, the latest feature aims to improve the experience of channel users by providing them with real-time information regarding their channel’s suspension. Channel admins can also make use of the channel alerts feature to receive notifications about potential violations of WhatsApp policies. Furthermore, admins have the option to request a review of their suspension. Directly through the channel notifications screen.
The company said, “Introducing the channel alerts feature adds a new layer of transparency to the platform. Users can discover if there are any issues with their channels, through the action that should be taken to address them. In addition, we believe that users can now enjoy a greater view.” While scrolling down one of the available tabs, thanks to the automatic hiding of navigation labels and the top application bar: This method aims to provide users with a greater view of their conversations, calling “History, Group Chats and Channels”