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"Apple" It is developing a software workaround in response to the Apple Watch ban


The International Trade Commission announced its ruling in October, finding that the Apple Watch's blood oxygen sensorinfringed two of AMasimo, covers five different cases of patent infringement.

The case is currently in the 60-day presidential review period, which is set to end on December 25, and the Biden administration could step in and veto the ITC ban, but has chosen not to act so far.

Apple plans to remove the Apple Watch Urtla 2 and< a i=5>Apple Watch Series 9 has been released proactively from its online store in the United States, and in-store sales will stop after December 24.

In my initial coverage of this situation, I noted thatApplehas multiple paths forward in this case, including making software changes to the systemwatchOSto overcome two Masimopatents.

Bloomberg now reports that Apple engineers are “racing to make changes to the algorithms on the device that measure the user’s blood oxygen level,” and Apple hopes it can change the way the Apple Watch Oxygen saturation data is provided to customers.

“It is a high-risk engineering effort unlike anything Apple has undertaken before,” the report says. However, the patents being disputed by Apple Masimo is mostly about the hardware aspects of the blood oxygen sensor in the Apple Watch .

Work inside Appleindicates that the company believes software changes — rather than more complex hardware fixes — will be enough to get the device back on store shelves, but patents that At the heart of the dispute is mostly hardware, including how light is emitted into the skin to measure the amount of oxygen in a person's blood.

An Apple spokeswoman confirmed to Bloomberg that it is “working to present an alternative solution to the US Customs Agency, which is responsible for approving changes to return the product to the market.”

However, Masimosays that “Apple Watch devices need Change" And fixing the program will not be enough.