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Zuckerberg announces the launch of group messaging channels on Facebook and Messenger


Meta announced the launch of group messaging channels on Facebook and Messenger, to enable people who manage Facebook pages to start group messaging channels as a way to interact more deeply with their followers.
According to a press release, group messaging channels will be available on Facebook and Messenger and will be rolled out globally in the coming months.
Anyone can join group messaging channels to stay up to date on their favorite pages and address topics that interest them in more detail.
Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, said that the company will provide group messaging channels on Facebook and Messenger, which is one of the general messaging tools for pages on Facebook that send messages to many interfaces, and it is the latest addition to Facebook’s powerful set of tools that page administrators such as content creators and personalities can use. The public can use it to reach their communities directly and interact with them more. 
Group messaging channels also provide a space for followers to feel more connected and address the things they care about in more detail. 
Page admins can use group messaging channel features like polls to get real-time feedback from their communities, send behind-the-scenes photos and videos, and use voice notes to communicate in a more reliable way.
Zuckerberg explained that the company is currently testing the ability of pages to create group messaging channels and we expect this feature to be rolled out globally in the coming months, as anyone on Facebook can join group messaging channels to stay informed of the latest developments on their favorite pages.
The method of work:
If you run a Facebook Page in a market where group messaging channels are currently available, you can start a channel directly from your Page. Otherwise, you can join the waitlist here and you'll be notified when the feature is available to you.
Once you create a group message channel and send the first message, followers of that page will receive a one-time notification to join the channel. Only the channel creator can send messages, but members of the group message channel can interact with messages and vote in polls.
You can also join group messaging channels from your favorite Facebook profile and see the channels you have joined in your chats list. 
Once you join the channel, you will start receiving notifications when content is posted, and notifications can be muted by tapping the “Mute” icon in the upper-right corner of the channel thread.
Group messaging channels are subject to Facebook and Messenger's community standards; For people to feel safe about being a part of it.
 People can report a specific group messaging channel or specific content shared in the channel, which may be removed if it violates our policies.
Group messaging channels are also explorable public chat experiences; So it's treated differently than private messaging on Facebook and Messenger.