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What does airplane mode do? Can it save battery life?


If you've been on a commercial plane in recent years, you've probably heard a flight attendant asking passengers to turn all mobile devices into airplane mode or turn them off completely. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations also support this request.
But is there any evidence that cell signals actually interfere with the plane? What does airplane mode do on mobile phones? Are there other advantages to using Airplane mode, and what are the approved methods for accessing the Internet on board?
To answer some of these questions, we enlisted the expertise of technology specialist Michael Collins. Michael is Director of Sphere IT, a company that provides technical support to businesses in the UK.

What is Airplane Mode (aka Airplane Mode)

Almost every modern smartphone, tablet, and laptop has a little airplane icon that allows users to enable Airplane mode, which essentially turns off radio reception in order to prevent interference with on-board navigation and communications equipment. 

“Airplane mode is a feature used on most modern smartphones that turns off the phone's radio and wireless devices,” says Michael Collins, director of Sphere IT, a company that provides technical support to businesses in the UK. “This prevents the phone from sending and receiving calls, texts, emails and data.” via mobile phone network.
Some wireless devices will not connect to cellular or WiFi networks while in Airplane mode; Other mobile devices will also allow Bluetooth and WiFi connection to be restarted while technically remaining in Airplane mode, but the mobile service is always blocked, HowStuffWorks reported.
Regardless, your smart device will still be able to edit documents, view photos, and play any music or video media stored locally (and even connect to Bluetooth headphones while in airplane mode). 

How does a wireless signal affect air travel

When you turn on Airplane Mode, you're doing the flight crew and your fellow passengers a favor by ensuring that the radio signals from your phone don't interfere with the plane's communications or navigation systems

“Airlines ask customers to use airplane mode to avoid signal interruptions on board,” Collins explains. “Airplanes also need many advanced navigation and communications systems to keep them in the air and safely guided to their destination. But cell phones use the same frequencies, so when you’re on a plane , your phone signal can interfere with onboard systems.

How to enable Airplane mode on iPhone

- Open Control Center.

- Click on the plane icon.
- To turn off Airplane mode, go back to Control Center and tap the Airplane icon again.
Apple also allows users to mirror your phone settings on the Apple Watch (or vice versa). To make your smartwatch mirror your iPhone, open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone, then go to General > Airplane Mode > Mirror iPhone.

How to enable airplane mode on an Android device

Switching to Airplane mode on your Android phone or device is quite easy:

- Open the Settings app.
- Find and open the Network & Internet section.
- Tap the Airplane mode icon to turn it on/off. 

How to connect to WiFi on board

Despite restrictions on the use of cell phones on planes, many travelers are still asked to read emails or use messaging apps during their flight. In response, many major US and international airlines have added built-in onboard WiFi for a fee, usually for a fee. WiFi is activated above altitudes of 10,000 feet, because the greatest risk of interference is during takeoffs and landings.

Does enabling Airplane Mode save battery

“In addition to preventing interference, Airplane Mode also helps conserve your phone's battery,” Collins says. “Most phones consume a lot of battery power when connected to a mobile network, so Airplane Mode can help your battery life last longer.”

A 2016 test conducted by Wirecutter on both iOS and Android devices showed that media browsing in airplane mode caused phone batteries to degrade only a small amount over a four-hour period, and in contrast batteries dropped by up to 10% over the same time period with wireless functionality enabled.
In cases where there is no power supply available, turn on Airplane Mode to extend the battery life of your precious device. Just remember that Airplane Mode disables your access to mobile data, so don't expect to be able to send text messages or make mobile phone calls in this battery saving mode. The mode can also be great for avoiding disturbances in quiet places like movie theaters.