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Washington uses AirTags to crack down on car theft


A recent report revealed that Washington has joined New York City in relying on the use of AirTags to reduce car theft, and as WAMU reported, Washington, D.C., is distributing free AirTags to residents in selected neighborhoods to help them track their car if it is stolen, according to the 9to5mac website.

Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser announced a new program that will provide free tracking tags to residents in certain neighborhoods to place their cars, making it easier to locate them if they are stolen.

The tracking tags - which are Apple AirTags - will be distributed to residents living in neighborhoods with high numbers of vehicle thefts, and will be displayed at three different events over the coming months. Proof of residency and address that corresponds to the police service area eligible for the tag will be required.

At distribution events, Washington, D.C., police will help residents “install” AirTags in their cars.

Acting Police Chief Pamela Smith explained: “What we know is that individuals involved in this type of criminal activity often commit multiple crimes, and a single arrest can help close multiple cases, and the city hopes AirTags will help play a role in catching these offenders.” repeaters.

This initiative in Washington, D.C. follows a similar program in New York City. Mayor Eric Adam described the use of AirTags as a “21st century” policing initiative to track stolen cars. However, the city has not provided an update on the success of the initiative since then.