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Sharing the password.. How to use the “Family Passwords” feature in iOS 17


Apple is expanding its Family Sharing features further, and last year we saw the arrival of the Shared Photo Library on iCloud to make it easier to manage family photos and videos.

iCloud Keychain got a big improvement with iOS 17 – the ability to seamlessly share credentials with anyone. 

Now with iOS 17 ( iPadOS 17 and macOS Sonoma, too), iCloud Keychain takes shared passwords (and passkeys) up a notch — what Apple calls “ family passwords ” — but you can share them with anyone.

To share passwords and passkeys easier and more securely, users can share passwords with a group of trusted contacts, and everyone in the group can add and modify passwords to keep them up to date, and since sharing is done through iCloud Keychain, it is end-to-end encrypted .

Share passwords on iPhone in iOS 17

1- On your iPhone running iOS 17 , open the Settings app.

2- Swipe down and tap Passwords near the top. Under Family passwords, choose Get started

3- Add people to your shared password group ( their iPhone must be running iOS 17 )

4- Now choose the passwords (or passkeys) you want to share and press Transfer in the upper right corner

5- You can now send a message to the person/people you share passwords with

If you want to remove a shared password but keep it in Your Passwords, go to Recently Deleted, tap Password, and choose Recover to My Passwords.