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How to print from a Chromebook in 5 steps


If you're new to ChromeOS and  need to print from a Chromebook, it's easy, according to Digital Trend.   
Google designed Chromebooks to simplify computing while keeping these low-cost devices powerful and versatile enough to meet most everyday needs.
In general, the process is almost the same as with any other computer, if you encounter any problems, it is also possible to fall back to the Android subsystem built into modern Chromebooks. Android has better support from printer manufacturers than ChromeOS. 
Connecting a printer to a Chromebook is very easy via Settings, but ChromeOS has a different layout than Windows and macOS.  
Here's how to set up a wired or wireless printer to print from your Chromebook. 
If you don't have a printer yet or are considering a new model, you should check out our guide to the best Chromebook-compatible printers you can buy, as this will make everything a little easier.
Set up your printer using Wi-Fi 
If your printer isn't already connected to your wireless network, you'll likely need to use the built-in touchscreen or smartphone app to walk you through the setup wizard; otherwise, you'll need the manual, which you can download from the manufacturer's website. 
If you don't have the option to use wireless printing, go to the next section, start the printer and make sure it is working properly and connected to the wireless network. 
Step 1: Open Launcher by selecting the circular button at the bottom left. 
Step 2: Start typing “printer” in the search box at the top of the launcher, then select Add printer from the “Top matches” list below. 
Step 3: If you have already added printers, they will be displayed in the list of saved printers. Just below, you'll see printers you can save or set up. 
You may notice the HP OfficeJet Pro 9015e (shown as the 9010 series) on the list, and it works well with a Chromebook, and the Epson WorkForce WF-2930 is a good option as well.
Step 4: Select Save or Setup to add these printers to your saved list so they appear as an option when you need to print a photo or document.
Step 5: If your printer doesn't appear automatically, tap the blue Plus icon to the right of Add a Printer, and a pop-up window appears to enter the name, printer's IP address, protocol (usually IPP), and queue (usually ipp/print).