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Google releases a new update for Pixel phones to fix a storage space issue


Google has rolled out a new update to the Android 14 operating system   on Pixel phones, to fix an issue related to accessing “storage memory,” as Google provided a more detailed response about “storage access issues after updating to Android 14 ” on some Pixel devices , including how to work. On the fix and potential data recovery options, according to 9to5google .

Depending on the device, this issue can result in the user being unable to access the media storage. Alternatively, the issue can cause the device to restart with a “Factory Data Reset” message. If this message is accepted, the Data that is not backed up is lost, and if rejected, the device will restart repeatedly with a “ Pixel is starting ” message .

Google begins by saying that this storage issue affects Pixel 6 and later models, which received the Android 14 update and have multiple users (other than the primary user), and this includes “users, guests, restricted profiles, and child users,” but it is not limited to logging in to more than one user. One Google Account “within primary user or work profiles.”

The company has already rolled out an update to the Google Play system "to help prevent this issue from appearing on additional devices." To install, open Settings > Security & privacy > System & update > Google Play system update . The latest version we see today is October 1, 2023.

For those "currently unable to access media storage," Google is working on a system update that "will fix the issue and restore access to media files without the need for a factory reset."