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Learn about the most prominent new features in the “Fitness” application in iOS 17


iOS 17 comes with the Fitness app to more easily view your Apple Watch-tracked activity, sharing updates, and even tips from Apple Fitness+ coaches. 
The overall design of the iPhone Fitness app in iOS 17 remains mostly unchanged, but Apple has included a number of important updates, according to 9to5mac.
Examples include steps and distance appearing on the home screen just below activity rings, changing the “Workout” section to “History,” which now includes mindfulness sessions in addition to traditional workouts. Another addition to the app is Apple Fitness+ Coach Tips, which provides weekly pointers through... Short video clip.

What's new in the iPhone Fitness app in iOS 17

When running iOS 17 on your iPhone, open the Fitness app and tap the Summary tab at the bottom. At the top, you have your activity rings with daily steps + distance below that. Next, the new History section shows your recent workouts and mindfulness sessions.
New Coach Tips are also below that with the following trends, tap the Share tab at the bottom to see the new experience with highlights of the events you're following at the top and details of Activity rings below.