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Leaks reveal Microsoft's intention to launch the all-digital Xbox Series


A huge leak revealed that Microsoft will launch an all-digital Xbox Series 
Microsoft plans to update the mid-generation Xbox Series Sebile), an updated Xbox Series S, key specs for the new hardware and timeline.
It's not clear how the documents became public, but they could be harmful to Xbox's gaming business, because they show the company's strategy more than a year ahead.
Microsoft previously stated that it had no plans to update the console mid-gen, but that doesn't appear to be true according to the document. In fact, the company is planning at least three new consoles. The first, codenamed Ellewood, is a mild update for the Xbox. Series S (scheduled to arrive in September 2024), while "Brooklin", initially planned for November 2024, is a new discless version of the Xbox Series Xbox Design Lab will provide customization.
Microsoft's two-tone Sebile controller has a built-in accelerometer and sensors that "double as speakers," making it more similar to Sony's latest DualSense controller. It also features new modular control buttons, quieter buttons, new app features, and tweaks. Sustainability such as a swappable battery, recycled materials and improved repairability. Once released, we'll likely see games with gyroscope support, allowing you to maneuver just by moving the controller. The company will also have an XDL version of Sebile, codenamed Igraine. 
The highlight of this leak is the new, updated Xbox Series Nice tablet ever.
 Along with the new design, the The new low-power standby is up to 80% less energy than the current standby, along with increased use of recycled plastic (>30%) and 100% recycled packaging. 
It will have 2TB of storage, or double the current model, and come standard with the Sebile controller, and Microsoft also notes that it will have the "same great price" as the current Xbox Series , but this is a somewhat disingenuous statement given the lack of a disc. 
The Xbox Series S will have similar improvements inside, along with double the storage space (1TB instead of 512GB), though the design appears relatively unchanged, and is also set to carry the same current price of $299, with availability TBD. In September 2024.