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How to subscribe to Google's AI-powered features using "AI Labs"


Google announced new AI tools at Google I/O 2023: easy-to-use tools centered around its search service, a Duet AI tool for Workspace apps like Google Docs, an app aimed at students, and an SGE (Generative Search Experience) service that integrates search results. With conversational AI responses, or automatically generate text paragraphs using Google Docs and Gmail.
In addition to these two services, you can also test out Project Tailwind, which is described as an " AI- first notebook " that can help students study. Google will also allow you to test another service that wasn't announced during the Google I/O keynote. 2023, which is called MusicLM, this tool allows you to create the music you want to listen to by providing a text prompt.
It's worth noting that these new features are currently in public preview and you likely won't be able to use them to their full potential, and you may also encounter some glitches or bugs while trying out these services. Finally, AI Labs testing is only available in select regions, so depending on where you are... Where you live, you may have to wait until Google expands access to your area.

1- Visit the Google AI Labs website.

2- Under the “Available in Labs” section, find the AI-powered feature you are interested in.
3- Click “Learn More” to understand how the feature works, then click “Join the Waitlist.”
4- Repeat the same process for any other new AI features you want to test.