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Details of the new iPhone 15 location sharing feature


One of the new features unveiled at Apple's event helps users share their location with others in a simple way, and feedback on the feature has been positive, although some consider it "long overdue."
The event revealed the new Apple Watch Series 9, Apple Watch Urtla 2, iPhone 15, and iPhone 15 Pro.
All four of these devices will be complete with a new “broadband chip” which “opens up a whole new way to use precision search.”
Now you can point yourself to a friend or family member who has shared their location with you on a similarly compatible device, you can follow the signal to them, and the phone also tells you the distance to your target.
Aside from questioning the new feature's punctuality, the reaction has been mainly positive, with people calling it "amazing" and another saying "I needed this."
One predicted the feature would be "amazing for women's safety", and others suggested they use it to find their mother when they get lost while shopping.
Despite this positivity, when it comes to other new features, or lack thereof, some Apple fans have been disappointed by the new iPhone's similarity to its predecessor.