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ChromeOS 117 launches with a new look and better control over charging and cameras


Google is adding a new Quick Settings view with larger buttons, adaptive charging, a separate display for notifications, and a host of other new features, reports theverge.  
Google is pushing a new Chrome OS update that brings important upgrades, including a new look, some useful battery charging controls, accessibility settings for premium colors, and more (via 9to5Google).
ChromeOS, now in stable version 117, adopts Google's "Material You" design philosophy, the radical new look introduced on Android 12 in 2021, and the change is most noticeable in the redesigned Quick Settings view that is now easier to spot ( and read) rectangular buttons for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other settings compared to the previous small circle icons.
Updated ChromeOS devices will also get a new notifications panel at the bottom right of the screen, giving you easier access to new messages, emails, and other alerts from apps. 
The calendar also gets an upgraded Up Next view with the ability to easily navigate to video calls. Additionally, there are new privacy indicators that show when the camera and microphone are in use in the status area at the bottom right of the screen.
The new software also lets you find your Chromebook's (or other ChromeOS device's) specifications, such as CPU and RAM, with a simple search in Launcher, unlike before, where there were complicated steps to find RAM. Other information required the help of third-party apps like Cog to uncover.
To help extend battery life, ChromeOS now has Adaptive Charging that can hold a charge at 80% and use machine learning to predict when the user will unplug it so it can charge to 100% before then. (You can access the feature by going to Settings > Device > Power > Adaptive Charging.)
Finally, Google is adding new accent colors so users with color vision deficiencies can better navigate the interface. This feature can be found in ChromeOS' accessibility settings under “View & Zoom.”