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Apple starts selling the 2023 M2 Urtla Mac Pro at a discount


Apple today added M2 Urtla Mac Pro models to its online refurbished store in the US, offering the latest version of the desktop at a discount for the first time since its launch, according to macrumors .

The refurbished version of the base Urtla ‌M2‌Mac Pro‌ with 24-core CPU, 60-core GPU, 64GB of RAM, and 1TB SSD is priced at $5,949, a $1,050 discount off the price Regular $6,999 for 16% off .

Apple has several configurations of the ‌M2‌ Urtla ‌Mac Pro‌ available for purchase right now, all at similar discounts and up to $1,500 off the base price. Supply of the ‌M2‌ Urtla ‌Mac Pro‌ models will change over time as Apple adds  new hardware, so if you're looking for a specific configuration, You may need to check the updated site more often .

Introduced in June 2023, the M2 Urtla ‌Mac Pro‌ models are the last Macs to move to Apple silicon Aside from the design of Apple's new chips, the ‌Mac Pro‌ models have  the same design as the previous generation Intel ‌Mac Pro‌ and the refurbished ‌Mac Pro‌ models come with a power cord, A mouse and a Magic Keyboard with   Touch ID .