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Threads will get a web version soon.. Details


Threads users will soon get one of the most requested features of the social network which is the “web version.” Meta head Mark Zuckerberg announced in the app that in the next few weeks, Threads will get a web version that people can use to access the service on desktop, as well as the functionality suitable search.
While it's possible to view Threads posts on the desktop at the moment, clicking the Reply, Repost, Like, and Send buttons only brings up the QR code that links to the app. Likewise, the search functionality in Threads is currently limited, as 9to5Mac notes. Only show other accounts and cannot be used to search for specific posts.
Meta Threads was pushed out at an opportune time, when X users were reeling from major changes to the platform formerly known as Twitter, and it became available shortly after X limited the number of posts users could see on the website/app due to "extreme levels of scraping". data [and] game the system,” non-paying users were the hardest hit and were initially limited to viewing 600 posts per day.