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Snapchat launches Dreams, a tool that turns weird selfies into realistic photos


Whether it's an animal or a fictional character, filters come in all shapes and sizes, but Snapchat may now be dealing with a new feature, with the release of a tool that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to completely reimagine your photos, turning weird selfies into more realistic ones.
According to the British newspaper "Daily Mail", the "Dreams" feature will allow the creation of fictional character images supported by artificial intelligence with just a few clicks.
Mermaids of the deep sea and Renaissance royals are among the initial bundle of eight free dreams to create, while others start at $0.99.
The AI ​​tool will launch first in Australia and New Zealand, before reaching other Snapchatters around the world in a couple of weeks.
The Snapchat platform said : “When Lenses arrived in 2015, Snapchat users were delighted when they transformed their appearance through augmented reality. They grew dog ears, changed hair color in an instant, and shared them with their friends who couldn’t wait to respond to this kind of fun.” ".
Starting today, with a new AI-powered feature called Dreams, Snapchatters can create fantasy images that allow them to try out new identities, whether it's a mermaid in a deep seascape, or a Monarchy in the Renaissance.
This AI-focused feature comes just months after Snapchat released "My AI," an experimental and friendly chatbot designed to be each Snapchatter's personal friend.
Generative AI, which powers the tool, is a type of model that can be used to create new content such as audio, text, or images by learning the input data.