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How did Intel achieve a strong comeback and AMD suffered huge losses? Report answers


Although the consumer CPU market hasn't been doing well in recent months, the latest findings from Jon Peddie Research tell us it could bounce back. The biggest gains definitely belong to Intel, and according to market figures, Intel share saw a significant increase in the quarter. The latter, while AMD suffered a loss. 
In general, the PC market has not fared well after the unexpected heights it reached during the pandemic. The current state of the global economy has affected CPU and GPU sales. For Intel, things have been particularly bad, as the company has  from The largest loss in history of about $2.8 billion during the first quarter of 2023, however, at least in terms of shipments, things are getting better. 
For starters, the number of units shipped increased significantly between the first and second quarters of 2023, going from 46 million units to 53.6 million. That's a 17% increase, but of course, these numbers also affect AMD, as it's a look at all unit shipments. central processing.  
Unsurprisingly, laptops still dominate here, with 72% of the overall share falling to mobile processors and 28% to desktop CPUs, and shipments of integrated GPUs increased by 14%, which is not surprising. Really, many processors come with an 
Compared to AMD, Intel saw its CPU market share increase 23% qoq, but AMD's share decreased by 5.3%. While that's great news, its comparison to the previous year still paints a pretty bleak picture: there was a 23% drop for all client-based processors, including a 25% drop for desktop chips and a 22% drop for CPUs. for laptop. 
It should be noted that these numbers speak of CPU shipments, not sales. In terms of sales, AMD recently had a big win in the German market, as Intel was completely wiped off the map with Ryzen desktop CPUs and it's hard to estimate how the two manufacturers match up. Global scope, however, because any exact sales numbers are usually rare and far between and it's no secret that AMD makes some of the best processors right now, which gamers may prefer. 
Will the numbers continue to tilt more and more in favor of Intel? It's possible but not a guarantee While AMD won't release Zen 5 CPUs for another year or so, Intel has a Raptor Lake update rumored to be coming soon, followed by Meteor Lake chips for laptops.  
However, AMD will continue to expand its presence in the mobile segment with its Phoenix APUs and Dragon Range CPUs, plus it may still drop a few low-end Ryzen desktop chips as well, and for now Intel has the lead, but It will be interesting to see the numbers by the beginning of 2024.