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The United Nations convenes the AI ​​for Good Global Summit


This week, the United Nations is holding a global meeting to try to draw the boundaries of artificial intelligence and harness its potential to empower humanity, as the United Nations hopes to develop a clear blueprint for moving forward in dealing with artificial intelligence

The AI ​​for Good Global Summit, which will be held in Geneva on Thursday and Friday, will bring together around 3,000 experts from companies such as Microsoft and Amazon as well as from universities and international organizations to try to carve frameworks for dealing with AI, according to gadgets360 .

"This technology is moving fast," said Doreen Bogdan Martin, president of the International Telecommunication Union, the United Nations information and communications technology agency that held the summit

"It's a real opportunity for the world's leading AI voices to come together on the global stage and address governance issues, and doing nothing is not an option, so we have to engage and try to ensure a responsible future with AI," she told reporters.

She said the summit will study possible frameworks and barriers to support the safe use of AI

The Geneva-based International Telecommunication Union feels it can benefit from its experience in managing AI

Founded in 1865, the International Telecommunication Union is the oldest agency in the United Nations fold, establishing " SOS " as the International Maritime Distress Call of Morse code in 1906, coordinating everything from radio frequencies to satellites and 5G 

The summit wants to identify ways to use artificial intelligence to advance the lagging United Nations' sustainable development goals on issues such as health, climate, poverty, hunger and clean water

Bogdan Martin said AI should not exacerbate social inequality or introduce prejudices about race, gender, politics, culture, religion or wealth

"This summit can help ensure that AI charts the course that benefits humanity," said UN Secretary-General António Guterres

While proponents of AI praise the technology and how it can transform society, including in work, health care and creative pursuits, others worry that it can undermine democracy

ChatGPT has become a worldwide sensation since its launch late last year for its ability to generate human-like content, including articles, poems, and conversations, from simple prompts

It has led to a proliferation of generative AI content, leaving lawmakers scrambling to try to figure out how to regulate such bots

Juan La Vista Veres, Chief Data Scientist at Microsoft AI For Good Lab , gave an example of how AI can be used to "make our world a better place."