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How to use artificial intelligence in your work


If you are simply interested in using artificial intelligence to help you get things done, there are some things that you should pay attention to and benefit from in your work, which we monitor in simple points, according to the British Daily Mail.
● Use ChatGPT, Grammarly, WordTune, Microsoft Editor or other grammar and writing aids to proofread your work, because typos and grammar make you look unprofessional, AI will help you spot mistakes you didn't notice or might not even know you were making.
● Automate your usual tasks that don't require a lot of emotional intelligence, such as writing quick emails, coordinating your work, and analyzing simple data.
● Chatbots are useful for generating ideas to help you get inspired, try a prompt like "give me five ideas" for anything you're working on.
● Automate time-consuming tasks that don't require a lot of critical thinking, and this can include data entry or report generation.
● Put filters, smart replies, and spam protection to work cleaning up your inbox.
● Unsure how to formulate a request or response? Use ChatGPT or another tool to craft some options to get started.
● Improve meeting efficiency through agenda sharing, automated note taking, and scheduling.