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Google Chrome will provide a new feature for tabs soon


Google plans to make account syncing easier on Chrome, and according to Android Headlines, the company is working on a new account sync feature that will let users control how tab groups sync between devices to improve the browsing experience. 
And if you're not familiar with tab groups, this feature allows you to efficiently organize several open tabs by grouping related tabs together. A colored dot appears next to the leftmost tab within the group and a colored underline for tabs belonging to the same group. Right-clicking the dot allows users to assign a name to a group.
Tab groups are anyway a useful feature, especially for those who like to browse a lot and keep all tabs open for reference purposes, and the added dot in the tab group saves a lot of space in the tab bar. Along with that, pressing the dot expands all tabs that are part of the group and vice versa.
With the latest Chrome Canary, Google has added a new improved tab sync feature that now includes tab groups along with other data. However, the limitation here is that there is no option for users to choose whether they want to sync the active and inactive tabs separately. 
According to the report, Google will soon add this feature that will allow users to sync tabs separately. 
How to get this new tab group sync feature in Chrome
As mentioned, the new feature is only available in the latest Chrome Canary. So, to get this you will have to download the Canary version of Chrome, just head over to the Google Chrome website and head to the downloads. Here, click on Chrome Canary and download the installer. Just note that this version is Canary 117. 
Once downloaded, install and open a web browser. That's it. This will link your account and start syncing all your data including your tab groups.