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4 hidden Threads features you need to know about


Meta's Thread is getting more and more popular day by day since it was announced, as the app works in collaboration with Instagram and allows users to sync followers, profile details, etc. Meta's Twitter competitor provides basic features such as the ability to post text updates, photos, and videos and share them with others, however there are some Features you may not know, here are 4 features you should know .

Quickly follow someone on Threads

Threads has a quick follow feature that allows users to quickly follow other users on the platform .

This feature allows users to follow other users without having to open their profile and click on the Follow button. To follow them you can simply click the + icon next to the handle to follow them .

Post a new topic

To post a new thread, users have to click on the + icon at the bottom, but to create a new thread within the thread (multiple threads), all you have to do is click the Add to Thread button to add a second thread or more threads Messages within the main thread, which is like multiple tweets under one tweet .

 But Meta has made this even simpler, all users have to do is hit enter three times on their keyboard to create a new substring .

Mute users

If you don't want to be notified every time someone posts a new thread, Threads has the option to mute individual people .

Click on the three dots menu on a post from the Topics account you want to mute, from the drop-down list select the Mute option .

hidden words

Threads also has a dedicated hidden words option, which allows users to hide offensive replies as well as replies with specific words and phrases, by going to the privacy page from their profile and finding the hidden words option .