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Google is developing a weather app for Android devices


Google is currently developing a new weather app to work independently, rather than as part of the main Google app , 9to5google reported in a recent report.
And the site stated that the expected weather application, Google Weather, will be designed in the new Material You design language from Google, and will also provide options such as the ability to determine the geographical location, display the current temperature (maximum and minimum), weather forecasts for later days, and search for different cities, according to aitnews 
And 9to5google discovered it by dismantling the APK file of the latest version of the Google Clock application , and looking at some code, which in turn indicates future advantages, and the site report concluded that a weather application from Google will integrate with the application of the watch
The report indicated that the expected application will be independent of the main Google application, and users will be able to update it individually, and the new application will be able to be launched by clicking on a specific icon in the Google Clock application, as it will allow users to display local weather conditions on the watch screen
Google Weather currently works as part of the Google app on Android, and is being updated with it, as are the Google Assistant, Google Lens, and other Google services. 
Google provides the ability to create a weather shortcut on the main screen, and when pressing the shortcut, the user switches to the Google application to determine the current geographical location and then display weather data and weather forecasts, and the shortcut also allows searching for cities to see weather conditions in them in real time
It is expected that the application will be launched later this year, before the announcement of the new Google Pixel series of phones, and the application will allow Android users to know the weather easily and quickly from the application itself, and perhaps without the need to use similar external applications.
Google launched a standalone weather app last year for all smartwatches running Wear OS 3 or later 
For comparison, Apple has a weather application that comes installed by default on its various devices, noting that Apple had purchased the famous Dark Sky weather application in 2020, and then integrated all its advantages into its weather application.