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The number of active mobile game users in Africa exceeds 200 million per month


A Chinese technical report stated that the number of active monthly users of gaming applications on mobile phones in Africa exceeded 200 million users in December 2022, an increase of 18% compared to the number of those in January of the same year.
The report of the Chinese “Datasparkle” institution for digital transformation and data analysis stated that the active monthly user is an indicator to determine the total number of users who interacted with a specific application for a period of 30 days, which in turn gives an overview of the performance of this application in terms of the user’s commitment to access it.
The Chinese "Datasparkle" report revealed that every African user opens gaming applications on average 113 times and spends more than 12 hours playing on them per month, noting that games on mobile application platforms, intelligence games, and team games are still the most popular with a large number of active phone users. portable in Africa.
He added that music applications, "casino" and "card" games recorded the highest growth rate for monthly users in Africa, at rates of 65%, 42% and 41%, respectively, during December 2022 compared to January of the same year.
The report of the Chinese “Datasparkle” institution for digital transformation and data analysis indicated that the African market for mobile applications has witnessed continuous development over the past few years.. In the past year 2022, more than one million active monthly mobile subscribers used 575 mobile applications per month, an increase of more than 87 applied compared to the previous year 2021.
Among the top 500 applications that have the largest number of active monthly users, there are 183 gaming applications that account for 36.6% of active users.. And “tools” applications come in second place with a rate of 8.2%, followed by music and audio applications (6.4%), then Video playback and editing applications (6.2%), communications (5.6%), followed by social networking applications (5.2%), financial applications (4.4%), and production applications (4.4%).
With regard to application usage time, video and photo editing applications, social networks, comics, books, references, music, audio, newspapers and magazines were the most popular in Africa, where mobile phone users spend between 3.6 minutes and 10 minutes on average connecting to the Internet in order to browse these applications. , according to the report
The report pointed out that among the 100 most used applications in Africa in terms of the geographical location of the developer, the applications of Chinese developers come at the top of the list with 38% of the total applications, followed by the United States of America with 23% and Europe with 11%
The Chinese "Datasparkle" Foundation for Digital Transformation and Data Analysis saw in its report that Africa is an important development engine for digital developers looking to spread internationally, thanks to the youth group that represents the majority of the continent's population and the remarkable growth of the use of smart phones on its territory
She indicated that the mobile phone is part of the daily life of Africans, and in 2022 every African who owns an average smartphone spent more than 4 hours per day browsing the Internet
According to the report, local developers recorded remarkable progress among Africans in some areas such as e-commerce and financial services compared to international developers
The report concluded that there is a need for developers for some areas that need development such as health and fitness, travel, local news, education, and food and beverages