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NVIDIA announces a technology that "animates" game characters using generative AI


NVIDIA Corporation today announced the NVIDIA Avatar Cloud Engine for Games , a new custom AI modeling service that will transform the video game industry by bringing intelligence to "non-playable" characters through natural language interactions powered by artificial intelligence .

The US electronic chip giant said in a blog post that developers of middleware, tools and games can use the Avatar Cloud Engine for Games to create customized AI models that are able to speak and move, and then deploy them in their programs and games, according to aitnews .

“Generative AI has the potential to revolutionize the interaction players can have with game characters and increase immersion in games, ” said (John Spitzer), vice president of developers and performance technology at NVIDIA .

"Building on our expertise in artificial intelligence and decades of experience working with game developers, NVIDIA is leading the use of generative AI in games, " Spitzer added.

The new NVIDIA service comes with a number of components that can be used together or separately, such as: the NVIDIA NeMo component that builds, customizes, and publishes language models using private data . 

Large language models can be customized with narrative and character backstories, and protected from counterproductive or unsafe conversations via NeMo Guardrails.

The NVIDIA Riva component enables automatic speech recognition and text-to-speech to enable direct, conversational conversations .

The NVIDIA Omniverse Audio2Face component enables the creation of facial expressions in game characters in real time to match any speech path .

In cooperation with the emerging company (Convai) of NVIDIA, the company published an explanatory video that reveals the future of games with the new technology .

In the show, players interact with the character of Jin: the salesman in a store who, despite being a member of the NPC, is able to respond to natural language queries in a realistic manner consistent with the backstory of the narrative; All with the help of generative artificial intelligence .