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Google Cloud launches two AI-powered tools to accelerate drug development


Google Cloud has launched two new AI tools aimed at helping biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies accelerate drug and precision medicine development, CNBC reported.

The first tool — called Target and Lead Identification Suite — is designed to help companies predict and understand the structure of proteins, an essential part of drug development. 
Another tool, the Multiomics Suite, will help researchers to ingest, store, analyze and share large amounts of genomic data.
The new developments mark Google 's latest advance in the rapid AI arms race, as technology companies vie for control of a market that analysts believe could one day be worth trillions of dollars. 
The company has faced pressure to showcase its generative AI technology since the public release of OpenAI's ChatGPT software late last year.
Google announced its generative chatbot program Bard in February, and parent company Alphabet shares rose 4.3% last week after Google unveiled several AI developments at its annual developer conference.
The two new Google Cloud clusters help address a long-standing problem in the biopharmaceutical industry: the long and expensive process of bringing a new drug to the US market.
 Google said the cost will vary by company.