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What does it mean Grammarly provides an AI writing assistant similar to ChatGPT


Grammarly has recently introduced AI-powered tools to help users create and improve their content, with GrammarlyGo comes generative AI writing assistant, which will help users write blog posts, emails, and more. 

And in a recent blog post, the company announced that GrammarlyGO, an AI-powered generator assistant, will be able to write from scratch or help revise existing text, whether you're working on a document or writing an email. 

According to the company, GrammarlyGo will provide a personalized experience by identifying a user's writing style and allowing them to establish their preferred voice and professional role. 

Moreover, the tool will assist individuals in creating a script from existing workflows, reducing time spent on revisions and enabling users to focus on the most important tasks. 

Grammarly's AI tool allows users to create outlines, improve their writing, adjust tone, and even create entire blocks of text through prompts. 

These work like ChatGPT or Google's Bard but with a more targeted approach that works across writing platforms such as blogging, social media and email tools, while Grammarly markets the tool as a way to speed up the writing process and help revise drafts. 

GrammarlyGo is available to users through a beta version, and is currently available to both free and paid individual accounts, as well as commercial customers. 

The functionality is turned on by default and is now available for use. Currently, there will be a limit to the number of claims submitted each month. Users who don't subscribe to the premium version will only receive up to 100 claims per month, with access to the AI-powered Essentials. 

Companies with a "Teams" subscription will get 500 claims per month per user, while the "Enterprise" tier provides 1,000 claims per month per user.