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Microsoft starts developing the Surface Go 4 with an ARM processor.. Get to know it


Microsoft started developing a new generation of Surface devices, as the latest leaks indicated that the Surface Go 4 comes with an ARM processor for the first time, as Microsoft will introduce the new generation of Surface devices later this year, and the leaks have begun to reveal some details about the upcoming releases.
And the latest leaks revealed the first features of the specifications of the upcoming Surface Go 4 device, which was registered in the leaks with the Tanta code, which comes with a processor based on ARM design, and the leaks also indicated that the low-cost version of Surface devices includes a Snapdragon 7c processor, which comes with the same performance as the previous processor except It supports the device with a longer battery life.
And the leaks indicated that the Surface Go 4 may come with the advantage of connecting to 5G networks, and it also comes with some limited changes in design, but this version comes with the same distinctive size as the previous versions of the series, and expectations indicate that Microsoft is offering a model with Intel processors.
The upcoming versions of Surface devices will include a new version of the Surface Pro series that comes with two screen sizes, as the first version of the Surface Pro has a size of 13 inches, while the second version comes with a size of 11 inches and registers the first model with the “Luxor” symbol and comes with the same size as the Surface Go device.
On the other hand, the 11-inch Surface Pro comes with stronger performance and a 120Hz refresh rate, with a higher pricing level.