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Mark Zuckerberg: Over 1 Billion Avatars Created by Users on Meta Apps


Meta launched more expressive, customizable, and diverse Avatars in 2021, and since then, Facebook's parent company has made changes to its users' digital version, or Avatar

In the latest development, the social media company has announced that it is introducing new body shapes, improved hair as well as clothing textures that will enable users to customize their Meta Avatars to represent themselves in more detail. 

"Announcing some improvements to our Meta Avatars that will help freshen up your look just in time for spring, we're adding a few new avatar body shapes to help you better express yourself," the company said today.

Meta said it brings new body shapes, clothing, and hair textures. The company has also partnered with PUMA to introduce seven of the brand's apparel to enhance the Avatars' looks. "With some size and make the clothes look and feel more realistic. You'll see these changes when you use your avatar outside of VR." 

The Meta said the new body shape options were created as a good starting point for when we launched this iteration of the avatar back in 2021. Users will be able to choose from a wide range of body shape options, including two body curves. 

It stated, "Self-expression and representation are important - it's what makes your avatar look like you - and we'll continue to add more options over time, working toward a future where everyone can create an avatar they love." 

Meta also brought an overhaul to the avatar's hair, clothing, and eyes, there is additional detail and realism to both hair and clothing, and Meta has also tweaked the lighting model to add more reflective shine to the avatar's eyes.

On his Instagram channel, CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that more than 1 billion avatars have been created across Meta apps, which include Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp