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Learn about the most prominent colors of the Google Pixel Fold foldable phone


Foldable phones are starting to catch on - no longer are those whimsical fragile creatures from the early days that break in the winter or get damaged if you open them too many times, now, they're getting better and thriving, more people are paying attention and more phone makers are joining in on the fun.
And Google is bringing its own foldable version to the Pixel, although it hasn't been officially introduced yet, which will be Google's first foldable phone and hopefully a strong competitor to the Galaxy Z Fold 5, as with any major brand and phone release. The leakers were able to discover information about this phone early.
At the moment, the leaks indicate two colors that the Pixel Fold will be available in: a shade of black / dark gray and a shade of white. When the phone is officially announced, we will know for sure the names of the two color options and whether there will be any other colors.
Black (or dark gray) White color
Black is classic, or dark gray is also classic, especially in phones. It is quite reasonable to expect the Pixel Fold in black or dark gray - the color will look elegant and sophisticated. Of course, it's the standard color to choose if you don't care too much about color either, and the announcement is expected on May 10th.