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How to use the F keys on the keyboard and benefit from their function


Some users may be aware of the hidden functions in the F buttons on the keyboard, but if you are not, here is a quick summary of what the function keys can do. These F keys, lined up at the top of the keyboard, work from one to 12, and can That provides quick shortcuts for you, according to the British newspaper "Daily Mail".

Pressing the F1 key can open a help system window when searching the web, and Google can offer advice on many topics including deleting your internet history, creating a personal profile, or managing an account.

F2 can allow to quickly rename documents when searching files and folders, just visit the PC menu, click on a folder and press F2 to rename it.

If you need to find a specific key term in the middle of Microsoft Word pages, pressing F3 can open a search bar to do just that, providing the same effect as pressing Ctrl and the letter F together.

Any window you have open, be it an Internet browser or a Microsoft program, can be closed without using the mouse, all you have to do is press F4 and the Alt key at the same time and the window should close immediately.

Need to quickly refresh a web page? Just press F5 and this can happen in just a matter of seconds, and the tool can be useful when a site appears to be down.

F6 can be used to move the cursor between different topics in a window, and when pressed for the first time, the cursor may locate the search bar at the top of your Internet browser, press it again, and you'll see the cursor move to something else, whether it's a tab or an option in the favorites bar.
F6 can also be used along with Ctrl and Shift to switch between documents in Microsoft Word, and similarly, F10 can highlight a number of options in a Microsoft document when pressed.
These options will be labeled with letters of the alphabet, which can then be pressed on the keyboard to select the associated option.

All three of these keys can change the volume when watching something in Windows Media Player, while volume levels can be decreased by pressing F8, they can also be completely muted by pressing F7, and pressing F9 can raise the volume slightly while using the program. 

However, some of these buttons have other unique functions that may be useful.
Pressing Alt and F7 at the same time can be used to check spelling and grammar while using Microsoft Word.
F7 can also be pressed to open the thesaurus in Word as well when pressed in conjunction with Shift.
The F9 key can be used to refresh the page as well as F5, but it is mainly used for Microsoft Word.

Computer users can enter and exit full screen mode for Google and other browsers when pressing F11. This is a simple tool that can come in handy when you are looking to enlarge the size of a section being viewed on a webpage.

This tool can be used to open the Save As box when using Microsoft, allowing users to store the latest version of the file being created.