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YouTube stops overlay ads next month


YouTube announced   that it will stop overlay ads next month, which are ads that appear on the desktop on the screen in a desktop computer and annoying banner ads that cover videos, this is what the  arstechnica website reported.

But there are other ways to not see these ads, by which I mean YOUTUBE PREMIUM and you must be subscribed to it

And YouTube announced that you will not see these ads next month, April. Here are fewer ads on YouTube , fewer ad formats, at least. The latest YouTube forum post says the company will eliminate "overlay ads" on YouTube videos

YouTube says the ads will end on April 6, calling them an "old ad format." The company said the ads only run on desktop, and are "annoying to viewers." Now the only ads in the video player will be video ads that can play before the video. In the middle or after, a Product Showcase popup is also allowed, but there will still be banner ads in the recommended video list

The company says it expects to see "limited impact for most creators as engagement shifts to other ad formats." Ads are annoying to viewers, but creators often only get paid if certain ad limits are met

And watching the overlay ad wasn't necessarily enough for the creator to make money - advertisers could choose to only pay if a user clicked on the ad, so there was a high chance that no one would get paid from these popups. Video ads with a "skip" button don't pay. Also if users click the skip button