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WWE 2K23 released on PC, PlayStation and Xbox


WWE 2K23 is officially released  , the game arrives starring WWE legend John Cena on the cover and introduces some new features to the franchise as well, WWE 2K23 is developed by Visual Concepts and published by 2K Sports.

WarGames  is one of the popular match types in  WWE  and with this year's game the match type finally made its way to the  WWE 2K franchise . Featuring a double sized cage match, two adjacent rings and up to 8 players brawling at the same time, WarGames will allow players to clash in 3v3 and 4v matches. 4 .

Like previous WWE 2K games , WWE 2K23 also includes a show mode, this rendition focuses on John Cena's life in this mode, however unlike previous entries where players took on the role of a show wrestler, players will instead face off against Cena, taking on the shoes of his biggest rival this time around. .

WWE 2K23 also marks the return of the Creation Collection , which allows players to create their own custom wrestlers, entrances, arenas, and more, and can also share these creations with other players across console generations. Moving forward, MyGM mode has received new managers to choose from, including Xavier Woods , Tyler Breeze , Eric Bischoff , Kurt Angle , and Mick Foley , and moreover, MyFACTION mode now comes with multiplayer support for interested players .