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What is the difference between Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Plus gaming service


Game companies have invested heavily in game subscription services for PlayStation and Xbox consoles, something like a Netflix subscription that allows gamers to pay a monthly fee to access hundreds of games 
Microsoft's Game Pass is available on Xbox consoles and PC, it also has the option to stream games to mobile devices, and members can access many popular titles, including all-new Microsoft Studio games, the same day they hit stores.
PlayStation Plus also offers similar features to PlayStation console owners, but lacks day one releases and mobile streaming support
Gamers playing directly on either console can only use the service that is compatible with their hardware, but PC owners can use the cloud gaming feature for either service.
If you want to choose between the PlayStation or Xbox system, understanding the pros and cons of each service may help guide you towards one or the other, and we monitor for you, according to the "business insider" site, the most prominent differences

Xbox Game Pass vs. PlayStation Plus: The option for online multiplayer 

All PlayStation Plus memberships include online multiplayer support, but Game Pass members must pay for the highest tier, Game Pass Ultimate, to play online with their plan, otherwise Xbox players need a separate Xbox Live Gold membership to unlock online play Internet
PlayStation Plus plans also unlock support for PlayStation Save game backup to the cloud, meanwhile, cloud save support is included for free to all Xbox owners, so you don't need a Game Pass to use this feature
And unlike Xbox Game Pass, all PlayStation Plus members also have the ability to share their screen with other PlayStation console owners online using a feature called Share Play
This allows you to play multiplayer games as if you were playing offline, and share games with friends who may not have their own copy

Xbox Game Pass vs. PlayStation Plus: Games

The main points of Game Pass and PlayStation Plus are their libraries of downloadable games. Both platforms include access to hundreds of titles, but they each take different approaches with their catalogs, especially when it comes to new releases.
Microsoft has committed to adding every new Xbox Studios game to Game Pass the same day it's released in stores, while PlayStation has been waiting months with its high-profile releases, such as Horizon: Forbidden West, to PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium
Xbox Game Pass also brings day 1 availability to highly anticipated standalone titles like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge and massively multiplayer online games like Outriders. 
PlayStation Plus started adding some indie games to its catalog the same day they were released, such as Stray and Tchia, but there are fewer new games coming to the service
Since Game Pass is also available on Windows PC, some games offer cross-platform play and shared cloud saves, however, there are a few Game Pass titles that are only available on console or PC, not both
PlayStation Plus and Game Pass also have partnerships with other publishers in the industry, with Game Pass Ultimate and Game Pass PC subscribers getting access to EA Play, a subscription from Electronic Arts that includes franchises like Madden 23, Need for Speed ​​and The Sims and Star Wars
Game Pass also provides benefits for Riot Games fans, such as unlocking all the champions in the popular PC game League of Legends.
PlayStation Plus members get access to the catalog of Ubisoft + Classics, a subscription service that includes games from the Assassin's Creed series, Far Cry and Tom Clancy