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What is the difference between Siri and ChatGPT mode on iPhone


A new shortcut lets Apple users replace Siri with the revolutionary AI software ChatGPT on iPhone and iPad. The technology effectively updates Siri with the full power of a chatbot, giving it the ability to dictate emails, suggest recipes and even write song lyrics.
According to the British Daily Mail, the device will continue to respond using Apple's voice, but it relies on chatbot algorithms and is no longer limited in length.
Only people who have the premium developer version of ChatGPT will be able to replace their Siri with an AI model.

The shortcut was designed by AI software creator Wrigley McKay, and once enabled, simply tap the screen, then speak to ChatGPT as if you were talking to Siri.

"I created an iOS shortcut that allows you to replace Siri with ChatGPT, and using the shortcut allows you to get spoken responses from ChatGPT," McKay wrote on Twitter.
You can enable it by tapping the screen, or asking Siri, "Hey GPT." Enabling the shortcut is simple, just follow the shortcut on your iPhone or iPad.
On the screen, you will need to select "Get Shortcut" and then "Open in Shortcuts".
You will then be prompted to add your OpenAI API key, you can find it if you have an OpenAI account.
Responses sometimes take a few seconds, but are generally nearly as fast as Siri.
According to analytics firm LikeWeb, ChatGPT averaged nearly 13 million daily users in January, making it the fastest-growing Internet app of all time.