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What is the difference between the digital version of PlayStation 5 and the "disc" in terms of quality and games?


The PlayStation 5 is the fastest selling video game console of the current generation, and buyers can choose between two models: a regular “disc” version of $ 500, and a digital version of $ 400, and the affordable digital version does not include a disc drive for physical games and movies, so you are limited to play Digital game downloads Meanwhile, the standard PS5 includes a 4K Blu-ray disc drive for playing game discs and movies.
According to the "business insider" website, the company's decision to release a cheaper digital version of the PS5 comes at a time when digital PlayStation software sales continue to outpace actual sales. 
Also, according to the latest earnings report, about 62% of all PlayStation games were bought digitally during the fall of 2022, although this is a decrease since the beginning of 2022, when digital sales accounted for 80% of all PlayStation games sold. The most popular way to buy a PlayStation game.
But while digital downloads are convenient, there are clear benefits that come from paying a little more for a PS5 with the disc drive, and here's a full breakdown of the difference between the two versions.

Differences between the two PlayStation 5 versions

Both models of PlayStation 5 offer almost identical designs and specifications, the only real difference between them is the lack of a 4K Blu-ray disc drive in the digital version, and besides the inability to play games and movies on a Blu-ray disc, the PS5 digital version is slightly thinner and weighs About 1.3 pounds less than the regular version.
Beyond these two differences, the two versions offer exactly the same gaming performance, including support for gaming at up to 4K resolution and 120 frames per second on compatible monitors, fast loading times thanks to the console's solid-state engine, and advanced graphical features like ray tracing in select games.
Both consoles also come with the same DualSense controller, which provides haptic feedback and has a built-in microphone, and supports the same set of PlayStation accessories.
Two PlayStation 5 consoles share the same game library and gameplay quality, but the PS5 disc gives you more control over where you buy them and how you play them.