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What does the new "Video Unblur" feature mean on Pixel 8 phones, and how will it convert photos into videos?


Google Pixel 8 rumors are starting to trickle in, and if the latest reports are to be believed, Google may introduce new AI-powered camera features along with a new camera design, as these new features are reported to be appearing for videos - a section where Pixel smartphones have struggled in the past. 
According to a report by 9to5google, Google recently uploaded the latest Google Photos APK file to the Play Store, and the post found lines of code indicating that Google is preparing Video Unblur, a feature that is likely to work in the same way as Photo Unblur. , which was released in the Pixel 7 series of smartphones.
The Video Unblur tool is said to sharpen videos, just as it did for photos in the Pixel 7 series. Photo Unblur uses the Tensor chip's machine learning capabilities to sharpen photos even though they aren't captured by Pixel smartphones.
Aside from Video Unblur, Google may also be bringing a set of effects in Google Photos to videos, and they'll reportedly appear in a new Overlays tab when editing a video in the app. 
The report also claimed that there are a total of 14 video effects: After School, B&W, Chromatic, Forward, Glassy, ​​Golden, Moire, Multiply, Polaroid, Rainbow Rays, Reflect, RGB Pulse, Super 8, and VHS.