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Report: A new version of Counter-Strike is coming soon


Hadid's report revealed that game studio Valve is currently developing a new version of the popular first-person shooter series "Counter Strike"
According to the report, the online first-person shooter titled "Counter-Strike 2" may launch its beta program in the next few months, and since the release of "Counter-Strike: Global Offensive" (CS: GO) - the latest game in The Franchise - In 2012, there were rumors and speculations about a sequel, and after a long wait of over a decade, it looks like "CS:GO" fans may finally have something to be happy about

Counter-Strike 2, a priority for Valve right now

According to the report, Counter-Strike 2 has been in development well "for some time" now, sources with inside information have revealed that the game is "almost going live," and there are talks of a "tentative" beta launch as soon as between March and April 1
Furthermore, the project is said to be Valve 's main priority, and according to the source, putting most of the resources behind the development of Counter-Strike 2 is why maintenance of "CS:GO" has been halted recently. Taking this out and then polishing it up, fixing any bugs and bringing it up to the level people expect from CS."
Furthermore, the report states that Counter Strike 2 is set to take advantage of the power of Valve's Source 2 game engine, meaning that the new game will offer visual and performance-centric improvements over its predecessor, however, players on low-end systems who can currently play " CS: GO" without problems, with the same experience as playing the sequel
Elsewhere, online matchmaking is also likely to see improvements, however, initially Counter-Strike 2 sticks to using the same matching process as its predecessor, this aspect of the sequel is said to be a "work in progress" and will improve over time